I was made to wear a nappy and rubber (not plastic) pants when I was a child up to about the age 14. I woud be put in them at night due to bed wetting or if we were going out for any length of time in case I "had an accident". This was not a good experience being a teenager, no sleep overs, no school trips and constantly aware of a large, bulging nappy encased in disgusting rubber pants. I don't think there were plastic pants in those days for teenagers, only these evil smelling rubber things that sort of snapped on with metal studs.I well recall being made to put them on and protesting until I was spanked. Crying with shame and humiliation, I was then taken out.

Having returned to the nappy many years later it is a very different experience. I wear pull ups with plastic pants and enjoy the security and comfort they bring. No nasty rubber smells and huge bulging nappy. I know some people might like the idea of a bulging nappy and there is something about it, but it is just not practical. A bit like the steam train - enjoyable but not for work every day!
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l totally agree. l wore nappies until l was 9 but l missed them such a lot and started again when l was 16. l stopped when l got married but the urge overcame me and now l am back wearing pull ups and plastic pants over the top, but only for work. The feeling of wee flowing round my smooth **** and balls is awesome

Great storey. I've yet to find decent plastic pants that fit me well, they all seem overly large. As you say, disposible diapers, nappys, are just more practicle and less bulky, certainly for regular, everyday or frequent use, but, also, as you say, there is a certain something about the feeling of wearing a very bulky, or towelling nappy/diaper... but not at all sensible for wearing if you want to be doing day to day things whilst diapered..

I get really goog plastic pants from Ebay, they are made in the UK and fit my 29 inch waist no problem.