I Used Diapers In Public

Once I was crazy for wanting to use my diaper, but he was in college. As the day was very cold, I could buy a package of diapers and use during class, I was a coat comm really long and nobody noticed. It was great and I was very afraid of someone picking me up. That was one of the few times I used diapers in public.
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3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Go to class feeling Secured in your Diaper when you have to go it feels better when you Pee!!

A little bit a fragmented story but very, very good it might also help to use grammar check but if you ever "use" (peeing and/or pooping in them) then you should post it in a topic decoded to people peeing and/or pooping in diapers again very good story.

It´s nice wear diaper in public because you can peeing in your diaper and nobody not know that you are wearing diaper or you are peeing in your diaper :)