My Secret Security.

I love to wear diapers. They give a sense of security that have never felt. I don't care about anyone or thing when I do wear them.

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6 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Secrets are supposed to be kept by the owner. I don't know anybody who is willing to confess what style, color, or brand of underwear they are wearing unless that is the main topic of an ongoing discussion within the circle of friends talking about it. Diapers are no different than any other drawers you might wear for the day and personal comfort. I certainly wouldn't go up to strangers boasting about my undies so in that sense everybody is supporting the exact same secret. LOL. By the way, I do wear diapers full time so it's no big deal if somebody should find out.

I love them too i am 15 and i wear 24/7 and i have no medical problems i just like wearing them

I have been wearing diapers 24/7 for over 20 years now and could not agree with you more. The security and comfort diapers offer is great. By age 34,I had lost all bladder control and I have loved every minute being in diapers. Would like to compare notes with you.

I couldn't agree more. I love the sense of safety and security that they give me and nothing else can make me feel that way, I don't know why I'm like this but I am.

i love my diapers im 24/m/wa and i do not care about what people say about me i like diaper and i pee the bed at night. im looking for a girl that likes diapers well text me my # is 1(509)987-7703 amd my name is jd

Do you wear during the day or just at night? You should read some of my stories about cloth diapers - you might like them. Anyway, stay warm, dry and happy! Kelly.