Comfort In Diapers

i feel completely relaxed and comfortable in diapers and safe. i rather wear diapers than adult cotton briefs. I do not see anything wrong in wearing diapers as long as you are happy. i would like to wear diapers all the time,and never have to look for a washroom ,or worry about what other people think. I am totally in favour of wearing diapers. we need to accept each other for what we are in diapers and support each other as we travel along our journey in this world.

lildundas12 lildundas12
46-50, M
3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

I know where your coming from figeritively speaking,I have been wearing diapers/nappies since 2010,I have come to rediscovering myself in the process as When I am wearing them I Feel comfortable and relaxed,Just like i did as a child all those years ago.

Plus, you both have the same 'cat face' icon. LOL. I like all kinds of wetting, but diapers have the advantage of being more discreet. They are so convenient, and it feels SO GOOD.

i agree with you one hundred percent as a diaper lover and part of society!