Gay Abdl

I am a gay man in seattle who likes to wear diapers. i'm looking for other gay men (or men who don't mind gay abdl friends) to chat with and share my experiences with.

timotito timotito
41-45, M
9 Responses Jun 19, 2008

anyone in Indana


Are there any AB's in Melbourne Australia that want to play

i am bi-curious, dl, and really want someone to help me get diapered. ( if u wanna know why, read "Hard to Be" and "Closet Diaper".)

Anyone from London or Surrey want to change my nappies?

Hi, would like to have new friend who is a single bi-disposable loving diaper wearer and baby clothes too. If so write me. Catch you later, gator.

I'm also a Seattle area gay dl. Live on Cap Hill and would like to make discrete gay dl friends

hehe sounds like lotsa fun. where are you? if ur local (seattle) maybe we could meet. :)

I am 40 year old guy who likes to et myself. I'd like to find a guy who get's into that kinda lifestyle changes my diaper and playes with my pendulum in the process. Then rediapers me.