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Diaperteen! I Am Treated Like A Baby Because I Wear Diapers!😳

Hey, i am Jake and i get treated like a baby because i wet my bed and have day accidents. This is VERY embarassing for me and i will tell you how i get treated and what i get forced to do.
First: i am put in diapers. My mom and dad and YOUNGER SISTER change them. I would like to change them on my own but my parents say i am not aloud. My sister is 15 and recently my parents started to allow her to change my diapers. She does it real slow just to annoy me it is already embarassing she can see my wee wee! Sometimes, since i am treated like a baby, my parents make me crawl around naked. My dad is big And since i have to be supervised at all times when the doorbell rings he picks me up and answers the door! This is so embarassing and i cry. Then i get a binky in my mouth.
Second:when my mom gets home for work my mom tells my sister to change my diaper and she does. She does it like this: puts me on a changing mat, takes my diaper off and slides it out and it goes in the pail. Then she start tickling my wee wee and she rubs oil on it the. Turns my over and gets between my cheeks next comes the baby powder she sprinkles it and tapes my diaper real SLOW adjusting my wee wee. After that, my mom calls me downstairs and my dad carries me down my dad and sister go for a walk and then my mom opens her bra up and puts a boob in my mouth, i begin to suck orelse she will spank me my mom tickles me since i am not alod to wear a shirt and she closes her bra then. After we all eat dinner and i get baby food! Then after i get put in the play pen and off to my crib at 8.
Showers:i am not aloud to shower myself as my family does it for me. It sucks they always have to shave my legs and **** so the diaper changes are easy.
Public: yes i have to go out public with a diaper in a stroller. If i pee, my mom takes me in the ladies room lays me on The floor and changes me there no matter who is looking. If its my dad then same thing in the mens room! My parents say i can change my own diaper when i am 25! Then, in the foodcourt i get baby food and if its empty mommys boobs come out!
Photoshoots: i ALWAYS get photoshoots and they are embarassing like when i am in the shower i have to spread my legs and bend them outward and hold a duck and smile or i get a spanking. Also some snapshots during diaper changes.
School:i have to wear diapers but i can wear normal clothes. At the end of period 1 and 4 my teachers change my diaper (i dont have a school nurse) i get changed at the back of the room in a nook when its transition time.
Rules: no going out
No changing my own diaper
No showering myseli have to have supervision
Must not cry when companies over(sometimes i get changed infront of relatives!! They find it cute)
No fighting or swearing or i get a spanking
No friends over
Have to drink mommys milk
No fighting with my sister
No climbing out of crib
No using the bathroom( i have to poop ans wiz in my diaper)

This is my stupid life with overprotective partents who treat me like this because i wet. Oh i have to go to the park everyweek and my parents say i can act like an adult when i stop wetting my bed. My parents dont sign my health class form. Anyway, this is all cuz of wetting
Last i am not aloud to have a girlfriend!! I hope your life is better then mine you can ask me any questions, bye
Oh and anybody have a way i could convince my parents i can act like n adult? Even my younger sister gets more right!😑😒😣πŸ˜ͺ😰byeπŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Diaperteen1995 Diaperteen1995 16-17, M 64 Responses Jul 10, 2012

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Can I trade places with you sounds like a awesome life

You should call DHS

Well this ignores basic human rights maybe that's a point


My friend @Coffeelover123 loves diaper boys! Add him!

This is abuse. I know this was made 2 years ago, but you should call the cops ASAP. Bedwetting is a common problem from feelings and thoughts, and many people get it fixed. But not this way.

I agree

Poor lil guy
Mommy knows best

OK I will laugh at my parents if they say there putting me back in diapers and if there really going to I will say " No you motherfuckeress" and if they already move my stuff to the garage and replaced it with baby stuff I will burn the baby stuff and get my brother to help to bring my stuff back to my room.

And you are 18 , can you describe In more detail , have the same problem


I really want your life1 :-) except from the school nurse changing my diaper.

Tell the cops thats not legal

I would like to have your life. The only thing I wouldn't like is being in public, having teachers change me and not being able to have a gf.

I doubt this is real but if it is then it does count as curl and unusual punishment, child abuse, and psychological abuse witch is way worse then physical abuse. If this is true and you really do wan’t it to stop then just call the cops they already arrested a parent and her boyfriend for shaving a 12yo girls head, putting her in a diaper, then having her pick up trash outside. Watch the video on youtube /watch?v=7nIj1tMJhFI there’s more on it this was just the first one I saw.

If you do hate it, do something about it because complaining about it online isn’t going to get anything done.

HE'S not going to call anyone because it all false .

I figured as much after I read the other ones.

i would love your life (i think)

Can we switch life's

I would swap life with u

Do you have any tips on how I can hide my diaper obsession from my parents because I don't want them to know about it????


Idiot that never happens in real life!!!!;(

I wish I had this life... SOOOO HARD RIGHT NOW!

One lucky boy!! Hugs and kisses, Stevie I envy you.

If this is true then you are truly being abused and should report it thou I had similar treatment I wet my bed and had daytime accidents as well both ways so I was diapered and was not allowed to change myself my parents or my older sister changed me at in school it was the school nurse at home I was changed on the spot it didn't matter who was present this is the way it was until I moved out at almost 26yrs odl

I feel deeply sorry for you. This is abuse, there can be no doubt. Fetish is, if you choose to otherwise it is harmful and perverse.

I wanna be u

Thanks for sharing your story. I Enjoyed it.


sad. tell them to stop and if they dont run away :)

Tell them that they are in violation of USC Title 42, Chapter 6 Β§192 and many more laws.

What you do is when nobody is home you change your diaper (if needs to be)

Hello Diaperteen1995,

I read your story and found it interesting and wanted to thank you for sharing. If this is truly how your being treated I apologize however, I can't help to admit being ah bit envious of your situation.


i'm pretty sure this is a fantisy

no lots of older people wear diapers ur mean.

I'm pretty sure this is child abuse!

Nah my parents are loosening up they said they want what's best for me!!!:)

I agree.
Diaperteen 1995 you can go to court for that. Cause that is child abuse.

No thats child abuse totally