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Presumably a wallet sized laminated piece of identification much like a social insurance number or drivers license, issued by mail 6-8 weeks after one has completed training and satisfied the high-standards set in place by the G-Code Training Association with a final grade of 90% or greater. A G-pass ownership is proof the owner is a certified supporter and agrees by all means necessary to follow the set of rules to live by as set fourth by the G-Code.

I’ve managed to find, (after some extremely shifty dealings involving the most shiesty individuals known to man), an official copy of the rules and regulations set forth by the G-Code Commission (GCA) This is not to be confused with the official G-Code Rulebook, this is the dry lawyer written document (for lack of proper words) in order protect ones bottom from greed associated with the 1-800 lawyer get rich quick kraze that has increased in popularity ever since the 1994 infamous Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants. The complete lawyer constructed fine print so to speak, it contains 39 pages covering everything from association, privacy, membership, each section geared towards protecting the un-named “commissioner”

Section 356 (s)
Rights and Privileges

“The G-pass shall is and shall be at all times in ownership of the G-Code Commission and can be withheld, suspended or terminated with or without written cause at any given time as the board of directors sees fit. Reasons for immediate termination are, but not limited to, cooperation with local, state or federal law enforcement agency, conviction of any sexual oriented crime, conviction of trafficking imitation drugs, notarized document signed by three or more G-pass holders stating with proof the valid reasoning which may include but not limited to direct conflict of interest, violation of set rules, disregard and or misuse of material set forth in GCC Rulebook. Such documents must be accordance with proper format set forth by GCC handbook section 306 (b) of the Documentation Revision Act, in order to be passed on and viewed by board of directors. Requests for immediate terminations will not be considered as the commission must conduct review as set forth in sec. 1125 (b)Admittance Policy Defendant will be notified immediately of review and be sent a detailed letter allocating violations in question and only by request of defendant will the names of accuser(s) be made available in compliance with the right to information act 2004. Complainant(s) right to privacy when deemed necessary only under certain circumstances pending approval of commissioner can be granted and sealed within the vaults only if no order has been made to seeking access within 3 years the files will be destroyed and no record shall be kept. A review will be conducted by an independent review board with zero connection to either parties thereby assuring fairness be awarded and to minimize the occurance of possible conflict of interests. Once the review board has completed investigation all recommendations shall be passed over to the GCC Board of Directors to where final judgment rests. Final decision may or may not reflect the opinions, recommendations, or suggestions set forth by review board. All discretion will be that held by commission for suspension or termination will be handed down and final decision outcome shall be excuted by written notice of judgement to all parties involved within a time no greater than 6 months from date case was opened. Any publicized account of any documentation and will direct violation of set rules set in fourth by G-code and will be grounds for immediate termination and grounds for lawsuit”

There is only one reference to a name throughout this air-tight legal document, on page 38 the only real clue is given it reads “All content reviewed by Uncle Paulie” followed by the “ approved by the Commission be endorsed fully in connection with G.C.C” with the year 2008 printed in raised embroidered text. Which leads me to the conclusion the commission or “uncle paulie” might be visually impaired. With no clear ownership claimed by any group or direct association with any one person or group, one is left with more questions than answers but only an inside look and proof that a g-pass does exist but nothing has been learned regarding its usage of relevance with the G-code.

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