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I've always loved pushups. I really got into them in my teens and twenties being involved in the martial arts. My teacher was a former Marine corps DI and was fanatical about form.

I've never been able to do 100 in a row without sacrificing form which I can't bring myself to do....(guess I picked up my Teacher's fanatical dedication to perfect form).

Last year I did 100 a day for 100 days. This year my goal is 100 a day everyday this year. But my real goal is 100 consecutive without breaking form. 8 days in and a little sore but confident by December 31, 2013 I will be doing that daily.

I also supplement my bodyweight work with reverse push ups, hindu squats, double crunches, and yoga for overall fitness.

One of my inspirations is Sergeant Enrique Trevino who's goal for 2012 was to do 1 millon push ups (2,732 a day) to raise money for wounded warriors. I haven't seen if he made it or not but I'm guessing he did. Last story I said he was at more than 800,000 and had raised over 57k for his cause. 100 is easy : )
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Well done. Have you thought that perhaps your form is effected because you are not allowing your body a day of rest in-between?
The most I have done is 31 non stop, and they were "man" push ups, but I was feeling very proud of myself for achieving that. It was last year, and I let it lapse, but I know I can do them at least.
What is a Hindu squat?

Thank you. I will check it out on youtube.