Not Very Big But It Made Someone Happy

Today there was a message on our home phone... some started talking "Hey mum..." It was obvious that she wasn't meaning ot call me lol, and she started telling her mum something with dates and times and I thought what if its important and her mum never gets it? So I hit the call-back number and got the lady after a long ringing. And I said, um this is gonna sound weird but I got a messgae from you and it was a wrong number, I think you were trying to call your mum and I was worried it may be important and she'd not know. And she was a bit stunned lol but she said that that was so nice and it wasn't that important but it was good to know so she could call her mum again. And she sounded a little blown away and said thanks so much, and I felt silly for making the call but she seemed so happy that it was ok. So that was my good deed today lol. Weird huh? lol

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Good form. Well done!

I agree with you, we should all aim to do a good deed a day... except I only go out of the house once a week! lol<br />
I love that light feeling, knowing that something that was easy for me could mean a lot to someone else. I bought a random little girl a lucky dip once because her mum told her in a fairy shop that she didn't have enough money for it. The little kid was terrorfied of me lol, but she was DEFINITELY not afraid of the lucky dip bucket lol. And she was so happy with her $2 mystery thing. I felt all giddy lol. <br />
I wish more people felt like you did... sigh, we really are of the older generation lol in that regard! Hugs.

Yes, a little kindness goes a long way!! <br />
It takes absolutely no effort to be kind and courteous.<br />
God will Bless you for it too! :-)<br />
<br />
That inner, light feeling you get when you do a good deed, or your kind and helpful to somone, is the best payment you can receive!<br />
<br />
We should all make it a goal to do at least one act of kindness a day! :)

Thanks leanachain :)<br />
Love you pic btw!

That is really really sweet of youu!

Aw, Winter that's so sweet of you! You would have made her day too, not just for the sheer kindness of it, but becuase she'd appreciate someone with manners and care! Your lovely! :D Doing things like that do make your heart feel so good, I totally agree. And its not getting you anything or anywhere, its just something nice to do!! People should do it more, its a lovely feeling. <br />
Yeah, such a self-centred world these days. Oh, and I agree COMPLETELY on the obedient children front, gosh almightly, they are so rude and have no manners at all and they don't care about anything but having what they want!! Sigh. Sometimes I think I have the only gentleman left in my whole country :S... he opens doors for me and everything lol. But I've never met another gentleman in my life who wasn't of the old school... well over 60, you know the guys lol. There is a man in my home town, he is 87, and he offered me his chair becuase I was 'a lady'. What's wrong with that? It was just so lovely a gesture, why can't men all be like that? lol

Yes, me too! What happened to the days when men were gentlemen, women were ladies, children obeyed, and people had manners?<br />
<br />
We live in such a self-centered world! <br />
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How funny you should say that. I was at the grocery store the other day, and this poor old woman was reaching for something off the shelf and she needed both hands, so she kept dropping her cane! So I went over there and picked it up for her, so she wouldn't have to bend down. <br />
<br />
She was so appreciative! It made my heart feel good! :)

Thanks hun! :D<br />
And you are so right! People don't expect others to be polite or to do good things for one another anymore. Its very sad. I think everyone is so wound up in themselves they don't care about anyone else or taking the time to help anyone. And they can't understand anyone else taking the time to care or help. Once when I was a teen this elderly lady was having trouble trying to get a plastic bag for her fruit off the roller at the supermarket and she looked to me for help and I went over to help her tear one off and my own mother accused me of shoving her aside to get my own plastic bag! People just expect you to act selfishly I think these days lol. I think I would ahve liked the way it used to be, when everyone helped out everyone else. lol

You're such a good samaritan! Haha<br />
<br />
Doesn't doing stuff like that, make you feel good and all toasty inside!? <br />
<br />
She was probably stunned, because people aren't used to other people being kind. That's so sad!<br />
<br />
Well, good for you sugar! That act of kindness, will come back to you.......:)