Lake Havasu

For all the people who haven't be there before, its a pretty fun place to party. Mostly around spring break.

Lake havasu during spring break of 2007 I got a chance to go there. Four of my buddies pack our bags and head that way. We get there get our boat and head out. Of courses I'm the underage person so I was a good boy didn't drank just drove the boat.
We get out to where we need to be. Saw some boats and tied ours to their.
The party was already started. There was music, beer and women walking around with just pasties on their nipples. Sounds like a great party.
So my buddies are drinking having a good time. Best thing about be sober is watch others embarrass themselves. Now its to the point where I'm baby sitting more then having fun.
My one buddy falls off the boat and cracks his head off of something and I see him walking to me, holding his head with blood all over him.
Hey man, did I cut my self? He said. I looked at him like he was a dipshit, looked at the top of his head and see a three inch cut and pretty deep. I'm like man you need to some straples or some. No I'm ok man, just stop the bleeding. He said. Whatever dude. So I grab a towl and put pressure on head to stop the bleeding. Now I'm not a doctor, I was just trying use common sense. 15 mins later the able to slow it stop/slow it down. He put on a cowboy hat and continues the party. Your welcome man! I said as he walked off.
So the party still going on. My other buddy sitting drunk watch people jump off a 50ft cliff into the water. I can do that, he said. I told him he was to drunk and that he would fall off before he got to the top. He agrees so I continue to chat with a lady friend I met. 5 mins later she asked if that's my friend climbing the cliff. I look back and indeed it was him. So I sat there hopeing he would not fall or hurt himself. He barely makes it to the top. After him chilling up there for 5mins he jumbs. So all I can think of now is that I really hope he makes it back to the surface. Which he does. Now he starts to swim back to the boat. Stops haft way and had a hard time staying above the water. So I swim out to grab him. And bring him to the boat.
Now I'm already getting annoyed with this baby sitting thing. So I'm ready to pack up and leave. Then my other buddy, the one who hurt his head. Brings a chick on the boat and she has blood running down her leg. Wtf is what I was thinking.
Hey man can you help her? He said.
I take a look at her cut wasn't bad, but it was on inner part of her leg, like 6 inches from her girly part.
No I can't help her, I ain't a doctor I can walk her over to paramedic that was like 8 boats away.
She started crying frecking out cause she drinking underage and she doesn't want get into touble. So finally I gave in. At least her girlfriend seem kinda sober was there.
I talked to the hurt girl, first thing I did was ask her promistion to touch her inner leg. And told her friend and two other people around me that they can be my witness and that I wasn't trying anything funny.
So I patched her up. She went on her way. Well she was walking I said your'll welcome.

So the rest of the weekend was not bad. Help a few people out without a thankyou. But everyone enjoyed themselves I guess that's all that matters.

Oh wait one thank you from a friend I had to bail out of the drunk tank
marinemt18 marinemt18
26-30, M
Sep 16, 2012