Treatment Center Fun!

I was in a Treatment Center (one of many unfortunately) for my Anorexia Nervosa. I think it was one of the first ones that I went to. I remember which one it was!  Somerset Medical Center.  I hated that place.  The psychiatrist was a dumbass and he spoke as if he had gravel in his throat.

My mom sent me projects to do during the downtime at the center, and one of them was a collection of paint-by-numbers.  I think I only did two out of the four there, but they were fun!  Mine were ponies, and honestly, the first one that I did, I think was good enough to be framed!  Heehee I'm biased!  It really was good though.  I think I still have it in a box in my closet.

Licorice Licorice
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2007

I did one that was two tigers in the jungle a couple of years ago and enjoyed it a lot. dont know why they have such a bad reputation.

As a kid I did the cheapo pbn. the ones where the 6's looked like 8's. I would wonder for days why they would have peoples hair blue and the sky brown!!!