>:3 I'd love to see her priceless reaction when she sleeps on her bed. I'll elaborate every photo I've taken in detail.

1) I took off her bedsheets and stuff
2) It's a fully filled 600ml water bottle with a cap that has holes bored in it, unfortunately 600ml wasn't enough.
3) I sprayed it on her mattress where she sleeps, where her **** usually comes in contact on
4) The small blanket I still have since I was young will be used
5) I placed it above the patch, to buy time for the water to seep upwards.
6) And I made it back nicely as if nothing has happened.

It's about 700ml I guess, and it's very effective. Once she sits on her favorite spot on the bed, things go nuts.
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Is that why you owed her a new mattress?

No, I believe it was another thing that caused it.

I think that is funny.