The Double Allnighter!

It was about 3 years ago and i always wanted to know how long i could stay up without sleeping.On the 1st day my cousin slept over and we played halo 3 all night! Then after 6 o'clock in the morning they fell asleep. So i was like damn i am the only one awake right now.Then all of a sudden i heard a noise i went to go check it out it was just my parents having sex! I was like thats so gross! They were moaning a groaning like ghosts! So i definitely didn't go to sleep now! But thats wasn't the worst part! the worst part was that my mom moaned out poppy! and in spanish that means daddy! I wanted to throw up! IT was so bad i could hear the moans and roans from across the house like my room was on the opposite part of the house from their room! but that was just day one! The second day we did the same thing but after my cousin and my brother went to sleep i played mortal combat Armageddon! After those two days of not sleeping i didn't go to sleep for 56 hours 17 hours from 3 days! but that is another story!...
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Sep 23, 2011