It Had To Come Off

We all have probably heard about the Emergency Room doctors that remove sex toys of one kind or another from rectums or other places where they were not meant to remain for a long time. Well my problem was a **** ring around the root of my **** and ball [I only have one nut.].

It all happened one day when I had nothing to do but play with myself. I put a **** ring around the root by first slipping my nut through the ring, grabbing hold and pulling it down to make room to slip the head of my **** through the little space that was left and then gradually easing my **** through the ring until the ring was comfortably around the root. Then I slipped a smaller ring around the head of my **** so that it was just below the mushroom head.

Then I started doing various things to pleasure myself. But... eventually I got an erection that wouldn't quit - literally. I worked the little ring off the head of my **** but no help. I stopped playing with myself but the woody would not go away. I began to get worried. It still didn't go down. I tried soap. It didn't go down. I could go to the hospital or maybe the fire department would have a tool to cut it off. Oh, God! That would be too embarrassing. I had to do it myself.

Wait a minute - I have a power rotary tool with cut-off wheels. But if the tool is not held just right the wheel grabs and in my case would go running up my **** at 5000 RPM or more. Ouch!!! Just the thought was enough to make me want to throw up.

The tool I imagined the ER or Fire Department would use has a guard between the cutter and whatever. Maybe I could rig up a guard A-ha! I had a flat-ware set that was expendable. If I could slip the knife in between the ring and my penis I might be relatively safe. It was really difficult to slip the knife in there but I did it.

Now all I had to do was to cut through the ring. I could have gone up to 35,000 RPM but I was afraid of the sparks and the generated heat so I kept it to 5000. Every so often the wheel would grab, slip out of the cut and run on the knife - but fortunately, not on my ****.

Finally the ring was cut through - but the ring itself was so thick and strong that the one cut didn't free it up enough to release the pressure on my blood  vessels. I would have to make a second cut.

Slide the knife out (don't cut myself with the knife), move it around and slide it in between again. Again I went through the slow process of cutting the ring. Finally, just before cutting all the way through the ring it was weakened enough to allow the ring to expand enough to let the blood flow out of my **** and relax the erection so that I could slip first my **** and then my nut free from their trap.

Here's a picture of the ring after cutting.

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4 Responses Feb 10, 2010

That would have been good except I didn't/don't a bolt cutters powerful enough to cut that ring and the thought of going to Lowes in my condition at the time did not even enter my mind.

i like these rings .I have lots of them. Sometimes I wear ten or so at a time stretching my balls out with my **** sticking out two or three rings down. Also dip them in hot and cold water. But ive never been stuck in them unvoluntary so to speek.

Yes, and as i say, it's an LOL now

Yes, like I say it's an LOL now.