Did Anyone Missed Me Here? Long Time No See*

Hy every one and some one(s), as some caring dear persony asked ask so nicely ,with humour, if we miss her, honestly, I admire your question, ,as it is exactly what i wanted to know and wished to express long before the question, that I have been missing you for so long, as we havnt comunicated for a while,I am glad to get to know you, as to know any one here on experience priject , has it limitations, ,but keeps us busy to get stray in search, of self satsfaction for a while, till we realise , we may have a million aquientance hare ,but not the solutin we are looking for, the soul mat ,a real friend, who needs us, who cant say bluntly, i need you, or i want to friend to you, or i need your moral or any other support,or i am willing to take risk for you,,or as you simply asked , hellow blogger(or any one) did you miss me, and the reponds starts raining like a sunshine,that one says to himself ,oh yes I can respond to this person or this humble question, to love the person and whose question touches the heart. with innocence, to feel again hopefull while being on experience project so longe, with lesser messages or with no essence, and this is all wrong way of escaping easy way from the real life, , I wonder i any one misses me and need me, because i need someone who needs me, from now on as ever, before my my gifted qualities starts settling down with dust of times, to excaved when I am mot that fresh, to take a bite of me, of when dust of time and un fullfilled dream and hope, shadows me or burries still with my pulping heart with still wishes and hopes of someone lookoing for me in need of me, the life will be fullfilled,with someone spacial,
hydi hydi
36-40, M
Feb 18, 2007