My E Experiences

i have only tired it twice within the last year, the first time i had sooo much fun! i did it with my bf and another friend and it was just so wonderful, we were in our house listening to techno and when it kicked was just the best thing ever! (untill i got violently sick ) lol but it was just once then i was fine :) i remember me and my bf kissed...and oh...the things we would have done if we didnt have felt like our faces were just blending into was so warm and beautiful....but since we really shouldnt do it, we went to the playground up the street and i ran around and screamed like a little school girl i had so much fun just going up the stairs and down the swirly slide it was wonderful....that ws pretty much it...i came home after when it had started to wear off and i felt so miserable i could have died..i cried myself to sleep that night

the second time i did it was at a friends wasnt nearly the same..took forever to kick it and when it did i was cheerful but wasnt crazy happy, i went and sat on the register cuz it was cold and it felt great! i could have sat there al night :D andyway it was kinda boring...i held my bf and my friends hand for a while just cuz it felt nice, i braided my friends hair ^_^ lol and that was the end of the "fun" stuff after that i was extremly sick for the rest of the night...threw up 3 times..after that i  pretty much passed out i was so exausted i couldnt stay awake anylonger...i felt hungover the next day that was not fun!

if i do it again i just want it to be me and my bf in our oun house with happy music, i want him all to myself and i dont care who says haveing sex on e will ruin it for you, i dont believe that, i think it would be a great experience as long as i wasnt extremly sick lol plus sex is always good anyway-nothing could ruin it!!!

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divinehelper: that is the funniest, most entertaining and irrelevant response I've seen on EP. ROFLMFAO!!!! [wiping tears from eyes] ow, sides hurt from laughing.

doing drugs is wrong just say no...and you should'nt be having sex before you get married.God is watching you

Of course not, this is all about historical use of this item by a friend of a friend.... o_O

You're a PhD as far as I'm concerned. I know not where to find it around where I am nor who might have it so that I could ask. Unless by mail order but don't even know how to find it that way. Thanks for the info on the effects.

E is generally a pill.. pills are only made to smuggle into a nightclub and sell in the dark. <BR>Therefore they are often very poor quality, they contain chemicals other than MDMA.. like ketamine, amphetamie sulphate, even plain old caffiene.. <BR>MDMA (or better, MDEA) is generally sold as a powder, it is made to be sold by a dealer, who you can meet, talk to, and who has a reputation to uphold. This gives you a much better chance of being able to obtain the real thing, as pure and high quality as possible.<BR>I'm not saying that all MDMA powder, or a powder sold as MDMA is good quality, just that it is generally way better than pills.<br />
A 'hangover' after effect suggests that you took amphetamine. I would have aske for my money back if I'd been sick after taking a pill. I'd also stay away from that dealer from now on!

I still want to try it, to deepen the connection with my hubby. We can't find it here.