I'm Not Ready.

I'm going into foster care very soon, since i have 2 abusive alcholic parents.
The thing is, even though my little sister, big brother, big sister&mam&dad hate me, i love them.
I will always have fights with them, all the time.
But in the end if anything happened, id be devastated, i dont want to leave my family.
13 years ive being with them, why now? Why will i miss them so much? All my friends, when really im a "tempermental freak'' ?
Why is life so hard, why? Why me? A 13 year old girl, who for christmas wants a mam and dad who doesnt hit her, call her names, put her into severe depression, and make her cut, make her grades fall in school&make her so aggresive?

Christmas miracles, we all need them.
Abbiexo Abbiexo
Dec 5, 2012