Experience Pre Teen Sex

it all started as a joke,  as 11 to 13 years olds we would talk about sex most of the time.  At school we would get the sex talk and how our parts worked and what happens during puberty'.


all my friends would ask the teacher about things like ************, erections, wet dreams, and all the other things that would happen in that time.

one item that seamed to be missed out was oral sex and as boys we would try to find out more about it, as we only had books to look at for the info we would try looking anywere about oral sex.   

as i had already tried a head job i kinda new what was going on the other boys in my gang had not done that before .    Ian was the youngest of the group then there was ricky , ben and myself.   the boys and i were going to have a camp out in a few days as ben was turning thirteen and we were going to our cabin in the woods for a few days of fun.


we all arrived at the cabin  put all the food away and setteled down for a few days of fun together.  a spring was close by so we could go swimming there, and had plenty of water to use for cooking .            i would get the wood for the fire and the other boys would clean up the place.   Ian wanted to go with me to find wood and twigs and i said ok so we went..    As we were looking around Ian asked me if I had oral sex before and i said yes " i have tried it"  I asked him why do you want to know and he said that a kid at school was talking about it to some other kids behind the school bike shed .  saying that he liked having it done to him,  as Ian was still younger than the rest of us he had a sheltered life and was not told much about the facts of life by his folks as it was a tabo to talk about sex.

Later on that night we got ready for bed, It was hot so we would sleep in our shorts or in the nude as we were all boys we didn't  bother about who saw what. 

We had enjoyed our dinner and the day of fun setting up the cabin that we would just lay about on our beds talking about the sex ed talk we had at school.   ricky and ben said that it was fun hearing all about the body and that we will get hair down there and bigger dicks and all the other things that will happen .  Ben said that he's got more hair on his balls than the rest of us , We all laughed and said that we have hair there too.   we have also done the "I have a bigger **** than you " thing and took a measure of each **** and mine was the biggest.   night came and went and in the morning a cry went out from Ian, i asked him what was the problem , he said that he wet the bed but it was not pee i said is it white stuff on your **** and he said yes , he just had his first wet dream.  wow i didnt even rub myself last night .  So later on that night we would talk about our first wet dreams and how we learned how to ********** ourseleves.  I told the gang about my first sleepover and what happened there with a boy i sleped with and that I had oral and anel sex for the first time with this kid and i had liked every bit of it,  So then ben and ricky told us that they have just *********** each other and had kissed a penis and that's all, poor ian , all he has done was **** off in front of us and would like to try other thinks out as well.   as we were pre/teen boys and that girls were not on our mind, we tried different things to let loose our ***.

ricky had said that boys in there preteens in african countries and in some islands near australia have to go through circumcision rites and that they have to be *********** and do oral sex as part of there puberty rites as spearm was not to be wasted on the ground. Ian and the other boys were surprised to hear this .  where did you get this info I said ,  ricky replied that he got a book about puberty rites of the world.

ian wanted to try this as well so later at night we would let Ian watch ben and ricky try out what ricky read out early on .   Ricky went first and took ben's penis ,  he gaged at first but then he went for it all the way, ben shot off his load into ricky mouth and then ricky shot his load into ben , both boys were happy with their result..    Then i went to ian  and said do you want to try it, with his shorts down and a stiff **** i went down on him and he moaned for a bit until he shot his load in me.  Ian had his first head job and he was happy too,  At the end of my headjob Ian was willing to give me one in return and so i gave him my penis and he slowly went down on me, while that was happening the other boys were wanking each other and we all had the best *** fest in that little cabin.

I gave Ben the best present he had ever wanted, I crept into his bed and slid his shorts down he was willing as he grabed my penis and i entered him with all my best moves, as i was inside him I grabed his circumcised penis and began to rub him, I just loved his penis and in five min we both exploded our load together, by that time Ian and ricky were at it as well,  ricky entered ian and ricky was pulling ian back and forth on his foreskin.    In the end everyone had their best sex teen adventure .

Alas we went our different ways, ben moved to another state, ricky was killed by a drunk driver and ian moved to another country so our teen sex life ended there in our little log cabin.

if you want to talk to me about my story you can contact me at http://questionableanswers.webs.com/

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when you are going thorugh puberty most boys have done things that might seem gay but back then we just enjoyed doing things with our dicks, ******* off and head jobs and some butts so was I gay at that age , well I don't know, but hey we all waqnted to do it and we never did things we didn't like to do so yes it was fun and enjoyable and all boy will one day try it out and see what all the fun they can have with their *****.

so have you just always been gay?

i hope you liked it

Now that is great pre-teen story....