I Cut Down With No Side Effects!!

well it's been 4 days now at a lower dose antidepressant and to my surprise and delight i have felt no ill effects. i feel just the same minus 10 mg.!!!! that's a huge deal for me. as some of you with anxiety or panic will know, the mind can play such tricks on you. you change meds, etc...and you just sit there and wait to feel something. it's awful!!! oh the tricks the tricks.....stop the madness lol. anyway i'm hoping to continue along my merry way and who knows in time (much time) i maybe can cut down more...
prettyinpink prettyinpink
46-50, F
2 Responses Jul 10, 2007

Great news!! Your brain is clearly quite happy with its new serving size :D

well you just go with your badself!