Thanks For Nothing

I miss a lot, though I do try to be observant. One thing I never notice is how cars and trucks and SUVs look. My brother got this sexy new black car. He had the windows tinted. I said, "I have never seen that before." Then he points out about 6 cars in the parking lot with dark tinted windows like his.

I feel pretty dumb around my brothers because they're on top of everything. They obviously got all the memos! They know basic stuff about computers and appliances. I asked that same brother of mine what he used to clean his refrigerator. "Wet rag and water," he says. So I have a frig that needs massive amounts of bleach or something industrial, is that so wrong? Another time I am talking to that same brother, and he says his toddler is having a harder time learning number 2 potty training that number 1. I said, "That must be harder because how would he learn that? He'd have to watch the dog poop or something." And all that conversation where I showed my ignorance? Happened on the exact same night.

I am naive and gullible, and I have to watch several times before I learn new mechanical skills. It even took me a while to learn to drive. My mom says, "You should've learned through observation." Well, I was too busy looking out the window during rides to watch my parents drive the car. It took me longer to learn to walk, too, than my brothers! I cannot win! I obviously miss a lotta memos. Surely it's not all my fault! :D
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Thank you Jonole, that does help. I suppose it's true that I am more in touch with the fuzzy scienes that IQ tests ignore!