Yeah I Wish Someone Had Sent Me the Memo!

I'm so glad to hear there are other people out there who are like me!

I consistently dont fit in. I am much the same as the rest of you, in that i m interested in many things, but once i seem to grasp the concept or learn the routine, i just cant seem to focus on it any longer.

My longest job was for about 2 yrs. And sometimes I think the only reason they didnt lay me off sooner was because they were too lazy.

Although I did ask for more work, positions, etc, but they wouldnt do it. Quite a few of the other managers wanted me but the VP didnt want to let me go even though i only typed like 2 letters a day for him. So they ended up giving me some bullshit data entry crap that NEVER got used! I'm not kidding. And that only filled up about 15 minutes. So they gave me data entry of achive files. Endless binders that covered like 3 decades.  And no one ever checked my work or ever used that info....sigh...

I have also been told i am exceptionally bright. When in school i am dissapointed with anything less than 100%. my professors often told me not to be so hard on myself. But therein lies the clip! If i can't do it to the best of my ability - i'll not do it at all!

I am always late to EVERYTHING! Social, Family, work, doesnt matter, i'm always late. I HATE this about me. How do i fix it? I've tried and god knows-i just cant seem to fix it. My family tells me events are a half hour earlier than they really are just so i'll get there on time. Family joke is that they'll be lowering my casket into the ground and have to stop so i can hop in.

I ENVY normal people who go day after day to the same job, on time! 

My father worked for 31 years at the same company. And my husband has worked for 13 yrs at the same place, and sometimes i think my bad habits are wearing off on him.  I'm afraid I'm setting a bad example for my kids.

I too have gotten into photography (my camera just broke though damn it)

And i have thought about graphic and/or web design but dont know how to break into the field. (althouh i did buy Dreamweaver- and i'm teaching myself web-design) But how to make it a business?

I try to write often but my old prose, when i look back is crap.

Anywho, just wanted to say- I'm here too! ANd WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

Enigma Enigma
26-30, F
2 Responses Oct 18, 2006

It's hard to make web design into a business these days unless you live in a really small town. So many hosting sites have their own sitebuilder that novices can use. I tried to go into it and got nowhere. I am still in the website business but I am going another route. Hope this helps.

Yeah, that's really weird to hear about your problems with sticking with something. I'm in college right now and I have a problem with that too. I can waste an entire day in the library reading about different things, but it's difficult to just pick a field and really get into it. I know some other people like this too.