And Yet I'm Supposed To Know Everything

I work for my Dad and either I'm tired I'm more tired than I realize or it's time to tell the boss to take this job and shove it.
For the last 8 years he's been running a small, growing business without any kind of office help at all.
Most of the organization is written on pieces of paper and stacked on top of stacks on top of stacks. Any job or bid of importance is retained inside my Dad's head where only he knows whats really going on and his employees are expected to "do their damn job!"
As of June I started working for him as someone to straighten the chaos out, write bids up on paper that is then filed, email information in a manner befitting a business, keep track of the merchandise that is leaving the lot. Not a big deal,l right? Wrong.
I can do everything that needs to be done and then some, I'm the one who finds EVERYTHING they loose and remembers what was paid for, how much was ordered etc, the problem I have is that he WON'T let me.
He keeps an iron clad grip on everything that goes in and out. Because I have no idea what's in his brain and he is horrible, I mean, HORRIBLE at communication I get blamed and criticized for anything that's even partial screwed up.
Not once since I've been there has he said "This looks good. I like this." or "Great job." or "Dang, I'm glad someone knew where that was."
Instead, in the last few months I have been bitched at so much I'm starting to wonder if I have any redeeming qualities. The best part is that he B*$ches to his manager about it and because I get less pay ( I am paying back money I owe my Dad while I'm going through divorce) he thinks it's okay to flirt with me outrageously one min then act like I don't do a damn thing.
Oh yeah, did I mention the manager gets jealous when I interact with anyone over my cell that makes me smile...?
In a nutshell, I get rid of one man in my life who treats me like s*%t just to go back to the original man in my life who treated me like s*&t.
I love my Dad, I appreciate everything he's done and is doing for me, I have and do forgive him for the way he treats me but his attitude is really starting to undermine my work attitude and D A M N IT I am a capable and good employee, I can provide references....
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1 Response Sep 22, 2011

Sounds like you picked up two! The manager and dear old dad.<br />
<br />
Do something that will blow Dad's mind, tell him you appreciate what he is doing by getting him a card and flowers. Yes flowers. He may say that is so like a girl, but so what.<br />
<br />
The thing is this sounds like a temporary position for you.<br />
<br />
The other thing is to ask yourself what is the good here, because there always is, and what is it I'm supposed to learn from this. The learning part is the hardest.<br />
<br />
This too you shall overcome!