This isn't a story. It's a description of my general state of being. I'm always out of the loop. Get what I mean? It's crazy, but I always feel like I'm an outsider in every group. This isn't a sob story either. Just a statement of fact.

The other day, my colleagues were discussing a movie. I had watched it, I remember. And for a couple of minutes, things made sense. All of a sudden, I started hearing everything in Spanish. Atleast, I think it was Spanish. It could've been Martian, for all I know. Then they all turned to look at me quizzically. I blurted out, very Jeff-like (ref. Coupling, the TV series) - "Hippo".

This isn't the first time conversations turn all Latiny-Greeky on me. In fact, there have been outings with friends when I took a trip out of my body, floated around into other conversations, lives and universes and returned. No one notices when I'm gone. Until I utter words like "hippo", obviously.

Am I insane? Does anyone else face a similar predicament? What do I do to stop being so scattered? Fyi, I'm a reasonably smart person with only mild self-esteem issues. Please help.

mercuria mercuria
May 20, 2012