I Got the Memo, But I Didn't Understand It

Why would anyone want to work from 9:00 to 5:30 every day, and always be there on time?  I am always late.  I work part time so the company does not impose any attendance rules.  Lucky for me, cuz I'd have been fired 3 years ago (when I started).  I stroll in about 10:30, and it truly is the best I can do.  Now, I'll stay as long as needed to complete the work.

I asked someone on second shift the other day "So, do you like second shift?  I loved it when I worked second shift."  They looked at me like I was crazy.  They said, "You know the whole world operates on first shift hours"  It's really true.  My kids routinely miss the bus and I run them to school.

I know I'm not setting a good example but what do I do?

And I think of things differently than everyone else, too.  I don't see the point in working yourself to death to get a lot of money to buy more stuff so you can keep up with the Joneses.  Why not work as many hours as you need to, in order to pay the bills and then spend your time "smelling the flowers".  People don't even look around them anymore to see how beautiful nature is or watch a lightning storm or walk around their house to see how their flowers are doing.  Everyone is so busy working and making money.  Why not spend some real time with your kids?  Take them on a hike.  Isn't that more important than having more stuff?  Besides, kids don't care about money, they care about spending time with you.

When I tell people this at work they think I'm crazy.

Also, I used to tell people I work at the job that I do because I like it.  What is the point in working at a job that pays a lot if you hate the job?  You should do something that you can get up every day and like going to.  The truth is that if I hate the job, I probably won't have it very long, because I'll just stop going.  When things get stressed at work, I threaten "I'm going to go get a job back as a waitress.  At least, I could talk to people all day and not be stressed"

Well anyway, I'm babbling on.  I'm glad to know there are other people like me.  I don't think it was the way I was raised, or the era I grew up in.  I think it's just me.  I see things differently than the norm.  Be happy.

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3 Responses Jun 1, 2007

I just don't like the gradual loss of self-importance as you begin to devote massive chunks of your day worrying about things that really do not count in the bigger picture. The corporate mind-set is all about caring about the company and feeling motivated to be the best person (worker) you can be. Even the 'motivational' sessions are really just an opportunity to get the simpletons exited about being manager or team-leader. I don't want any of that, and I will take the day off if I want to, very bad work ethic on my part, but I am not going to be my job. If I wake up late, I will come in and tell the truth ‘no good excuse, I woke up late’. What else am I supposed to say? And when the boss goes on about people being late and having sick leave, I wonder why he lets it get to him. I expect to be out of here in the next year. I cannot handle these people in the long run, not my click at all.

I just quit a great paying job to stay home for the summer with my kids. I am looking to get a job at their school when they go back. It will be a tremendous pay cut, but it will coordinate with their schedule. They are only going to let me in their lives for a little bit longer. They are 12 and 13, so I am going to ENJOY!!

I feel the same way about going to a job that you hate! I will not do it not anymore! I have worked for some really nasty and ruthless people that made my life hell! I would rather take a little pay cut and actually enjoy my job and keep my sanity! It is sad that people kill themselves working long crazy hours. I blame the economy for that partly. I mean it takes two incomes and then some just to make ends meet. God help you if you live alone like I do with no financial help and only one income. Houses and Apartments are extremely expensive even if you are just renting. Honestly I don't know how people are expected to survive! Then like you said people who have high paying jobs a lot of times work excessively because they can never make enough money! I don't believe in that keeping up with the Jones stuff either. I have an aunt and uncle who do that and they live way above their means. It's not worth it! I don't care if my neighbors have nicer things than I do! I am just happy to have what I have you know what I mean?