Regarding Hats

I did not get the memo regarding hats, specifically baseball hats.  Apparently this memo stated that it was now okay to wear hats indoors!  It also stated that wearing them with the brim facing backwards was both functional and attractive - especially indoors.  It apparently also stated that wearing them with the brim askew did not make the wearer look like a blithering moron.  Happily I still have hair so I needn't fuss with such silliness.
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Most excellent.

Celery: Brilliant! The first reasonable explanation I've heard. Doesn't help with the sideways angle, though, which is the most stupid look of all.<br />
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Dreams: Your family owns a mudflap store? Is that where all those mudflaps come from with the chrome silhouette of the generously endowed female? Boy, those things really do class up a truck!

I think the brim pointed backwards thing was designed to protect and shade the exposed *** crack due to the jeans hanging around the ankles trend.

wtf? Ok.

LOL... This is getting funny!

Well, we run around naked but we don't have to hide from the wildlife. Heck, we are the wildlife.

nope, we run around naked, hiding form the loins and elephants in the streets, trying to look stupid. LOL

Do they wear clothes in your 3rd world country?

firetech - Actually I am from a 3rd world country. But still.... ElLagarto has a point. LOL

LOL "TRYING to look stupid". I have a teenage daughter. I tell you, the things they get up to!

I got the memo. I'll look for it and see if I can't forward it to youall.<br />
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Good protocol dictates that one turn the cap backwards upon entering. The visor was designed to help keep direct sunlight out of the eyes. That protection is not needed indoors and it is considered rude, especially at events like church worship services, weddings, and funerals.<br />
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Yall must be from up north. If so, that is ok. It usually takes northeners about a decade to catch up.

Hi KK: Honestly, it's like they're TRYING to look stupid.

ElLagarto - I Feel you on the hat thing. I didn’t get that memo either. LOL

Anyone who loves Law & Order is all right with me. Go-go boots - wow - fashion tragedy. Short skirts, on the other hand, well, I'm a guy, what can I say?