Always Last.

I am always the last person to ever know the things that everyone else knows.

I'm so late!!!

Then, just when I think I'm the first to find something out I get all excited and tell someone and they laugh at me. 


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4 Responses Mar 14, 2009

Seems like the problem doesn't lie with u. I had a similar experience when my son did not tell me that the mom of one of his school friends had died. I had gone to school with that person. He just didn't make the connection. People are funny, sometimes they r so wrapped in their own world they forget about everyone else. They might mean well but....

A couple months ago I remember seeing on myspace that one of my cousins was having a baby. I got so excited to run and tell my mom the news and when I told her she just said, "Oh I saw that a couple days ago, I was meaning to tell you."<br />
<br />

Look at it this way at least ur not a gossip

That's ok. When you don't know, you can "play dumb!" LOL