Money Isn't Everything.

I have virtually no concept of privilage when it comes to most things in life. My family wasn't broke, we had a house and got by but there wasn't really any extra money, so to speak. I don't like saying (admitting?) that I grew up poor, because I don't want any pity and I know full well that there are people out there poorer than I was. Growing up without money to me, translates into living at a survival level. I'm pretty certain that at some point in life I was living below the poverty line, for whatever that's worth. I can remember having to fend for myself for food a few times as a teenager. One time I fished change out of a little wishing-well-fountain-pond thing to by bread for lunch in high school.

On the good side I have a pretty good appreciation for the real things in life. I can appreciate when someone puts a lot of effort and resourcefullness into something. It's great when lack of money doesn't stop you from doing something! I'm trying to get better at sympathy for the penniless, because I know it isn't always their doing that put them there.


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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

In a way you're lucky. I grew up where some people had a lot of money, and they certainly let you know that you were not like them if you didn't have money. But I didn't really let that aspect bother me. In some ways I'm glad I grew up with little money in the family.

i can relate to this, i grew up in a similar situation. i never knew anyone who did have alot of money, so i never thought about it. i thought people like that only existed on TV. now im older and i have known people who have always had family money, and i find them quite ignorant. the kind of problems they have are the kind i wish i had eg, where to go for my next holiday. on one hand, im jelous, but on the other, im happy for my own experiences and what i have learnt.