Learning And School Are Two Different Things

School was just a social project for me. I never really cared if I learned anything. I cared if I could make everybody in the class laugh and have a group of friends to goof around with. I was smart enough to pass with good grades without trying very hard.
Now, I will admit that I did not try as hard as those who got perfect grades but even when I put a ridiculous amount of effort into it, I still ended up not really knowing the lesson and not have a very good grade.
I love to learn. I found this out after I quit community college. I have found alternative means of learning. I am getting tutored by a friend in science, I learn about religion from books, I explore the world of art on my own and I have found a good class to learn Chinese in.
I used to think that I was stupid but in reality, it's the school system that is stupid. It doesn't work for most people in my experience.
I loved my friends but every single time I took a test or struggled through homework at school I wanted to quit just a little bit more. Every time I had to submit my will to a teacher's authority in any way, I felt a bit of my soul dying.
Cutecolleen Cutecolleen
18-21, F
Jan 5, 2013