Oops Sorta

This story keeps coming up at the office and each time it seems to change, mostly for the worse. I've mentioned that I am currently displaced and working at our corporate office but not sure if I said doing what. So turns out I sit at the front desk while the receptionist is out on baby leave. I spend most of my day being a do-girl which includes paper cutting and data entry. Basically my brain is becoming marshmallow and no one seems to care.

Any who... this desk is up front and therefore I am in contact with EVERYONE and right next door to our executive offices with the VP and Business Manager. They had a staff meeting the other day and my boss came over to attend. He comes out in the middle of it and says "tell me you didn't say that?"

huh? say what? I say a LOT and I'm sure I offend my share.

Well the story he got was that I told the Vice President that he was a grouch! Okay not exactly what I said but it was funny. The man walked by the other day and looked down so I flat out asked him if he was having a grumpy kinda day. That's all... I swear!

Regardless it's apparently a no no at our company to talk anything but shop with the higher ups and if they are too high we little ones aren't supposed to speak unless spoken to. (I'm so failing these tasks) I am the one who emails our corporate office up North and asks questions about an email or invites our corporate VP's to fly down and attend a meeting that I arranged... oops forgot to mention I did this to my boss until the day before. I looked pretty good but he didn't, or so he says. I would think they would want someone who takes initiative but another no no *giggles*.

Anyways just wanted to set the record straight as it was only a question. :)

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Mirror... I'd be making faces in it all day! UUHHGG!

lol i'm at the front desk too and my brain IS a marshmellow now. but my boss said i'm too private the otherday lol. and i told my boss he was crazy for getting more plastic surgery (and not because he looked good because he was crazy) i hate corporate.... sorry love. atleast you don't have a giant mirror behind your chair ;)