Been A Long Time Ago

I remember the first morning it hit! Knock on the door, bondsman asked me my name, He handed me a paper that said, Application for Divorce! Of course the world crashed in, my wife, my children, my home everything my life had been for 11 years was circling the drain. Of course it was devastating you are in unsure territory who knows how to handle this like there is a school for it? I called the attorneys office set an appointment up, they are the only ones that make out during a divorce! I didn't want it but if it had to be I had to protect myself and did! She tried every nasty trick in the Slime ball attorney trick book accused me of mental cruelty, hitting her, oh she tried that one good would come and start horrible arguments and then stick her face right in mine after pushing and pushing but the only thing she did was push her own buttons I actually think she came close to hitting me one time!  My attorney said the mental cruelty is the catch all charge for no grounds unless it can be documented? Of course she eventually dropped the mental thing and went with irreconcilable differences, which again is a catch all for I want to go out and find someone else! These years later I am glad it happened I see where she is She is old beyond her years fighting up the success ladder I am successful but I have done what I wanted to be myself, changed a hobby into a business and had fun. I know people want more out of life and have to climb that ladder. I wanted more life out of life. Sometimes we get what we do not want which is exactly what we need! Oh a little kicker to the story I found out there was a boy friend and eventually there was a traffic court marriage and 8 months later there was a birth  HUMMMMMMMMMM? hehehehe, I now enjoy watching them fight! 
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Congratulations I think, but it's probably not right to laugh at her misfortunes if you can help it. That being said, I don't blame you a bit for finding it funny!

My story is very similar. My ex had a boyfriend and made similar claims and our 24 year marriage ended almost 5 years ago. In the divorce I lost a selfish, self-centered, manipulative narcissist which I am very happy for but the collateral damage was two of my three girls, my 20 and 23 year olds who somehow blame me and have not spoken to me since. Oddly my 10 year old never missed a beat and we are as close as ever. I try and believe everything happens for a reason and I hope my girls come back to me but what I DO know is that my ex’s boyfriend will get more than he bargained for

Thank you for your story, It is hard to see the end sometimes can be a good thing.

Wow, how are you doing now that its been settled ?

you deserve you happy.

You know why divorce is so expensive? <br />
<br />
It's worth it.<br />

thank you don, you have showed me that you get through it in the end and can even be happier, i dont understand women who lie to try to get more out the settlkement mony is nothing if you have to break someone to get it

Good for you..I hate that bashing from men or women. It's so cheesy. ba<x>sed on her outcome, you got the best & will hopefully find another love. A good man isn't easy to find & maybe she figured it out. I'm glad you are ok.