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I meet my husband in 2000 .i spent almost every day with him .i fell in love ,and so did he .we married in 2003 .i lived my life around him what ever he wanted .we divorced in 2012 .i know what I did wrong .i love him so much ,I made sure he was happy .i never spoke up when I didn't like what he was doing .afaid I would lose him .than I did one night .it was on his birthday .he couldn't for give me for bringing every thing up on that day .i tryed to save the marriage .he didn't want to .so what if I stood up for my self and feelings from the being .would we still be together .i still love him and want the best for him .
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I can so relate to this. Thank you for sharing. Divorce is such an emotional turmoil, such intense emotions, and overwhelming grief. I hurt every single day.

That is verry sweet I hope you find your happy ness in life

He's stupid! ...it's the only thing I can think of to say. I didn't want my divorce either...she was dating other men and I finally told her I was done. i still love her and hurt every single day...I feel so alone. I am sorry you have gone through this!

Thank you for your kind words .wishing you the best .

you sound like my wife - I did go to counseling but once the desire is gone its gone. Would you prefer if he stayed and felt nothing but kept it like brother and sister. <br />
<br />
How could he soften the blow - please tell me?

I loved him enough to let him go .there is no easy way .my heart still broke .but I would have hurt more knowing he wasn't happy .i want the best for him .belive it or not I feel better letting him go .knowing he can find that someone special .that he will love as much as I love him .good luck to you .

You are doing the right thing by leaving .its not fair to the both of you .maybe one day she will find some one who does .maybe one day I will .