9 Month Marriage

Okay, so, I know my story isn't half as bad as most of the stories on here, but here it is. I was only married for 9 months, and I always thought we were really happy. One morning while I was at work he sent me a text, saying that he was leaving and he was filing for a divorce. I begged him not to. I begged him to stay. The night he left he looked at me, and laughed, and said "this is going to be way harder for you than it is for me." He took my car, he took everything. During our 9 month marriage he took almost 10,000 dollars out and I have no idea where it went. I am now liable for half of it. It's been 4 months and he's in a serious relationship. Very happy. And I can't seem to bring myself to move forward. I have so many unanswered questions. My heart is broken. I feel crazy for feeling this way after only 9 months. When will this start getting better?
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I can so relate to your story. I was happily married one minute and before the ink could dry on the marriage liscense we were divorced. I only dated my husband for six months, it was a fantasy, then one day it was over. That was 3 years ago. I still can not bring myself to even want to be in a serious relationship. It has just started getting better but, I am struggling with moving on too. Hey, he has re-married. I found out I had been divorced for a year on facebook!

im going through the same just been married for almost 30 years feel like ive been thrown away. he is moving on has someone else too . just found out today im devastated i dont know if the pain will ever go away. But you stay strong thats what everyone tells me. feel Gods love

He stole so much...why are you not fighting /...Firstly take back your heart...why give it to the cheating rascal?Secondly...take back yourself...why let him who has gone control you?Don't let bad memories haunt you...You are a lady...comb your hair and smile...today with God's help I will have JOY!!!!!!!HUg...I am your brother!!!!Please remember to add me!

I agree, there must be a record of some of this. Besides the money there are other grievances. It seems though that he is just a con man and he hit you where it hurts most In the heart. I am so sorry for you having gone through this. You sound like a wonderful person. Don't be hard on yourself for his mistake. Try and find out more about his past, I'm quite sure you weren't the first that he has done this too. He is the sick one, please be strong

I can't tell you when you will feel better but I can tell you that you and I are going through the same thing. My ex-husband left me and is now re-married. I'm sorry you have to go through it also.