Don't Know Where To Start

It is such a long story, needless to say, after 11 years, my husband phoned the police, lied to them saying that I was alcoholic and he couldn't "control" me, so they removed me for a 12 hour "cooling off" period. When I returned the next day I was told "2 more day's". 2 day's later, when I returned, he refused me access to the house or my kids. He told the kids I was sick and if they saw me to run, he put them in a program and told them he had custody, so they refused me access to see my kids.

That was a year and a half ago. Now, everything is still in court, because he will not communicate. Family Wizard is court ordered, in 4 months he has signed on twice!! He has two court orders to file paperwork, still not done. I think for me that is the hardest thing, just that he isn't acknowledging anything. He will not communicate with me, with my lawyer, with his lawyer. He has a girlfriend of 3 1/2 months and wears a white gold band on his ring finger of his left hand. I have others tell me that it's just a ring, for me it's the finger he wears it on.

His full intention is to simply ignore the bad and embrace the good, what he isn't acknowledging is that he instigated the bad, and he won't clean it up.
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I don't really get what you are trying to tell/????

He's a dirtbag. Simple as that.