I Ruined A Potential Good Friendship With Someone

okay so i was at work and i like to crack jokes because everyone finds me funny. and now that i have found a way to make people laugh i have gone to the point that my jokes are becoming more and more offensive. there is a female friend i have at work and we really get along but i said a really bad joke that no one found funny and in fact she felt offended, very offended. i even got into trouble even though they understood that i didn't intent to hurt her feelings. but sometimes i can be a ****head and say before i think. now she probably thinks less of me even though i apologized and she accepted it. i wish i never said those things to her. but i think the type of jokes i like to tell can be pretty crude and offensive and i dont know what type of humour that women like because they seem to be the ones i offend with my jokes most of the time, so if someone can tell me what kind of humour does not offend any women tell me, before i lose another female friend and possibly a potential girlfriend. my upbringing was kinda rough and i never had much female contact in my youth so know i;m trying to learn how to communicate to females without hurting them, i keep hurting them and i;m worried about it.

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5 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Telling jokes at a working environment can be very dangerous. If a co-worker wanted to, he/she could take this as far as court. It's just one of those scenarios I learned from a business law class. Keep your jokes to yourself or to your friends outside of work. I'm not really sure about jokes that effect women, except probably sex jokes or oppression-like jokes. You might want to do some search by Google with that. But we all make mistakes, but try not be so desperately funny. Just be yourself and if people can't handle that, they can take you or leave you.

thanks for the comments all of you, i actually listened to your advice and now things are clearing up between us, we are now friends again and this time my jokes are more clean and less nasty. thank you.

Steer away from jokes that put anybody down. If it puts something down, it can be offensive to someone.

Just be friendly & funny. The "joke guy" at work is a drag after awhile anyway. Tone it down & be yourself without all the goofy stuff. Give her a rose & say 'I'm sorry". Show your best side & she'll respect you.

just curious, what was the joke?