So this happened about a week ago. I had been texting my ex (we had been "dating" on/off for a year or so) and he somehow convinced me to sneak into his house the next day. So the next morning I waited at the exit to my neighborhood and he came to walk me to his house. (he lived along the road outside my neighborhood). Both of his parents were gone at work so we were all alone. We ended up swimming in his pool in his backyard. Then his neighbor somehow go into his house and saw us...he got grounded for 4 months but they didn't know who I was. I'm normally a shy(ish), obedient person and I had acted way out of character. I feel horrible about the whole incident even though we did nothing and it was his whole idea. But yeah that's one of the worse things I've ever done.
ESaur ESaur
16-17, F
Sep 1, 2014