A Lot. It Is A State Of Mind.

Oh, I most definitely have some feminine body language traits, always have, and they just happen.

I am always crossing my legs, most times double crossing them. I walk with a slight gentle sway in my derriere. I twirl my hair around my finger and brush my hair behind my ear. I take both my legs out of the car before standing. I also tend to curl my legs up under me when I sit on the sofa at home. I sit on the car seat and bringing both my legs into the car together. More feminine posture and stance, straight, and my hands in my lap when sitting. I tend to stand with one hip thrust out and my hand on hip or my legs completely together with my hands together in front of me. I also rest my chin on the back of my hand.

I cry during 'special' parts of movies. On top of that,  I shave my legs, underarms, all over really and moisturize. I am also submissive (not to an extreme though) and emotional.  Was out for a dinner once and the question came up as to drinks people like. The answers ranged from beer to various liqours to soft drinks. To which I answered that I prefered white wines or a Momosa or Marguarita. The immediate response from one at the table was ... "That's quite a feminine choice".

I have been told that I 'sit like a woman' and that I 'type like a woman'.
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My wife has made a few "comments" about how I walk and sit with my legs crossed, etc. Rather biting comments too. Every so often I will slip up and make a female like comment like I am becoming fat, or I broke a nail. That is not too obvious so most people ignore it, except the wife. Comment time again.

As I said most people ignore it or don't think much of it. One time, as I came through the checkout line and I noticed a Lady who was wearing a great pair of red patent leather high heels and I complemented her on them. As we stood there waiting our turn to checkout, I went on to ask her where she bought them, if they were comfortable, and all that. It was nice, she did not become all embarrassed, mean, or shocked. She just politely told me where she bought them and said that she noticed that they had many larger sizes so they may be able to help me. Nice!

I have a somewhat feminine physique (5'7", 44-36-40) and my arms are thin along with not having a very big shoulder area. It really is a strugle when there is a need to use some muscle force.My voice is soft andd on the husky side (like Suzanne Pleshette, if any remember her).

I DO actually feel feminine around men, not because of any attention or even desire for attention or how I am dressed, but mostly cause I don't understand their thinking on most all things. I just feel feminine compared to them. Around girls/women regardless of how I am dressed I feel comfortable, though at times jealous.

I feel feminine one the inside all the time and I guess it relects in my actions, behavior and presentation to the world.

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Im sure your a lovely man, but you do sound a gorgeous girl, why dont you supprise ur wife and dress as a girl one night. You both might have a gr8 night together, then you can be as girlie as you like. My gf loves my as Gracie, she created me and is so dominant in bed that i become so feminised that i behave, think and act as a girl, its oh so liberating to be girlie, the flirty part is the best.
I you do, plz send me a pic :)

Most of the feminine traits you mentioned in your article I could mark as yes that fits me also. I especially like what you said about feeling feminine around men. I too feel this way and have always wondered if it is a subconscious attraction or a feeling of shame maybe about having feminine desires. This maybe a good one to run past the therapist.