Maybe I Don't Regret It... Just The Timing Of It

well i did something i shouldn't have done but at the moment it felt right... isn't that always the case? it happened like two years ago but i'm just starting to realize it wasn't such a brilliant thing to do... it's weird how i haven't even suffered any consequences, when i was  playing with fire.. the only proof anything ever happened is some dangerous memories... but part of me wonders if it had  happened at a different time..different place..different players... would it have really been right and not so wrong??? eeeehh what can you do with what if's nothing but let them ruin your life. i will say though part of me loves the crazy side of me and i'm glad i experience what i do!! but then the other side of me is like way embarrassed that i'm such a dork (being a gemini has it's downsides)

howaboutnow howaboutnow
Aug 11, 2010