I Ruined My Cousin's Childhood... Fml

Not long ago, I did something that I regret so much, and I don't know what to do...
I just need help.

The story starts like this...
My cousin, about 5 years younger than me, borrowed my cellphone. I'm a guy, so it must be not surprising if someone will find adult videos there... She started watching the videos, and I tried to stop her, but it was too late..

Later that time, I did not know what happened... I suddenly saw myself touching her...

I know I ruined her childhood... **** my life!

I need some help, please, what should I do?
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The first thing to remember is that it's in the past, and there's nothing you can do to change it. That can be both painful and refreshing. It should be both. What matters now is what you do with yourself in the present and in the future. Learn from mistakes, and move forward in such a way as to make others' lives better and always be mindful of your mistakes. You will likely have to face consequences. Face them and move on in any capacity that you can. Life is life, and it can be beautiful even in the face of regret and tragedy. Even if you were reported and went to jail, life isn't over. It may be true that how you pictured your life will be no more, but that doesn't mean you can't extract beauty and appreciation out of life. Life is a long path, and you can't plan it. A mistake was made, and a costly one. But you must move on, no matter what. That doesn't mean you should forget it. But carry on with life. Seek forgiveness in all you do, and give it in return. Enjoy cool breezes and warm rays of sun. Cherish what you can. Live like you haven't before. Regret can sometimes stay with us forever. And that might be part of your life's burden, but don't let it consume you. <br />
You can still do good things with your life, even if your record isn't spotless. Never forget that. Each choice you make can heal and repair. <br />
<br />
Happy journeys, and be brave as you face the life before you. I wish you peace.

whomever experience it was, yours or his.....just calm down.<br />
waqs she forced into something she didn't want to do or did she maybe even like it?<br />
if she liked it, it was okay, maybe not in the meaning of the laws, but if you and her don't tell it to anyone who knows you then nothing will happen.<br />
if she didn't like it and you went on doing it, then lets hope she won't report you and never ever force someone again!<br />
s*x is something both should like and if both like it, then in my opinion it's okay!<br />
no matter what age, that's my opinion.<br />
and if one of the participants doesn't like it, it's not okay, no matter what age!<br />
those silly laws were actually made to protect people from each other, but if both like it, who has to be protected.<br />
there's even a saying in my place like 'on old bikes you learn riding' which means lots of people have their first time with an older person, this is something very common, but nobody talks about it. so calm down...you are even not old at all and maybe she can even be glad it was you who did the first things with her.<br />
I wonder what you did and if she liked it, maybe you can contact me in a private message.

Ok, I just forgot to mention, this is a friend's experience, and since he did not have an account for Experience Project, I let him use it. Sure, this is what I'll tell him, I just didn't have enough knowledge on what he should do and what i should advice him. That's why I let him share this here. I'm pretty sure that it would be a lot of help. thanks for the advice, my friend, hopefully this will enlighten him :)