I Hurt A Friend

Back when I was 18, I hooked up with a close friends boyfriend.
Even to this day, I regret what I did, because of how much i hurt her. I know how dumb it was, but I really hate how much I hurt her.

I had went to stay with them for the night to watch her little one and his little ones the next day. Well she had to work night shift and it was me him and the kids. We were watching a movie and I was texting my "boyfriend" if he can even be called that. My friends boyfriend, kept trying to get me to sit with him and he was flirting some. Eventually I went over there, sitting away from him, and then at some point laid my head down on his lap. It was innocent at first, he was rubbing my head, and comforting me. Then the kids were asleep and he stuck his hand in my blouse, I crawled on top of him at some point and kissed him. He kept trying to go down on me right in the freaking living room, but I wouldn't do that with the kids being in there, so then he took me into his room. He went down on me. then that was that, the next morning before he left for work, and kissed me goodbye, and ugh. I know what got into me to a point, I wanted that comfort and companion that I didn't have with anyone.
But that doesn't excuse what happened and what I did. I hurt her, and I can never take that back.
Greeneyedandcurious Greeneyedandcurious
26-30, F
Mar 29, 2012