I Got Into A Crash With No Insurance.

The gentleman wasn't hurt from what i seen, no ambulance, police were called, i got a citation, and this was his company vehicle, through Enterprise fleet, I know i shouldn't have been driving without insurance regardless, but i risked it because i didnt have enough saved up for insurance and thought, I could just go to and from work and be alright, regardless to if the accident itself is my fault, which i am feeling more that it is because from what the cop said it appears he had the right of way in the parking lot, but the point is, right now, i am reeling from this event, i couldnt face going back to work that weekend, and told my boss, that i would go get treated for personal reasons, and i havent gone yet, I have the rest of this week of and scheduled to see a doctor tommorow about my anxiety and long time dealing with depression.

I need to find out what the hell is wrong with me besides the obvious, and i am scared i wont get help, I don't do drugs never have, and I don drink either, but right now in addition to all the other debts and trials in my life, I just feel like a complete and utter failure, and that at the age of 34 my life is over, i kind of want to crawl up and die, or not wake up, but I take care of my mom who needs me.

I have nobody in my life, none to turn to, through the years dealing with what i think has been depression, i have driven people away both from my lack of activity with any of them, and my over all anxiety and negative thoughts, I never act on but, I just don't socialise with anyone, I am single no kids, and I just can't figure any of this out.
Lifeguard891 Lifeguard891
31-35, M
Jul 3, 2012