The keyboard clicks as Emma's hand types away the paper she's working on. She stops and looks around, she is having trouble remaining focused on the paper.  Once again, she waited too long to start the paper, and as usual, she is becoming distracted.  She notices all of the other students typing away without any distraction.  She glances over to the coffee shop and by chance, at the same time she is looking, he's looking in her direction.  At first, she's happy, but then the moment he sees her fully, his eyes quickly look downwards.  It is then, she realizes that things are still awkward between them.  James can't even keep his eye contact with her.  Is it out of guilt?  Shame?  Embarrassment?  It's these moments that stick with Emma, the ones that she remembers clearly.  She realizes that everything has changed from what it was a year ago.  The natural progression of a friendship had run its course.  She and James went from being strangers who worked at the same company, to friends, to closer friends, to actually dating, to friends again, and now she supposed to strangers again.  But the memories of him don't fade.  The memories never fade.  His touches may be gone, but she remembers the laughs they shared, the smiles she created, and most of all, the enjoyment she had when she spent time with James.  Over a month and half had passed, but sometimes time doesn't heal things fast enough.

James was laughing in her ear, using her to hold himself up.  She didn't mind, it meant he was close to her.  They'd been flirting all night together; their chemistry undeniable.  Drinks were in their hands being precariously held and occasionally spilled on each other.  It didn't matter though, they were having fun.  One of the best nights she had in a long time.  It was the atmosphere of the bar, people around them dancing, that made her want to dance.  She pulled him closer to her, and soon enough they were dancing together.  Their bodies touching, her breasts brushed against his chest, his hands sliding up and down her hips around to her backside, up her back to the nape of her neck.  One of her arms were wrapped around his neck to keep him close, and the other pressed against his chest.  She didn't remember who kissed who first, but the moment it happened, fireworks exploded behind her eyes.  She knew it was the alcohol letting it happened.  But she rationalized that alcohol let the true feelings out and here it was showing them that they were still very attracted to each other despite no longer being together.  Intense, sensual, hot, sexy, were the words she would later use to describe making out in the bar.  

Soon the bed was behind her as they moved clumsily through his room.  It was a miracle that they even made it to the bed.  She didn't remember taking her clothes off, and wondered where his went.  Those thoughts quickly left her mind when he kissed her again, pressing her back into the bed.  

But before she can reminisce anymore, she sees him walking towards her.  Her heart leaps in her, banging again her rib cage.  Oh no, he was going to the free computer a row down.  Emma thought they would get past the night.  That it was a one time thing that didn't change their friendship.  She was wrong.  He can't even look her in the eyes anymore.  It wasn't just the spending time together, it was him.  And now, she can't even have that.  Her eyes follow him walking away, and she realizes that this is the memory that will stay with her forever, him walking away from her without a glance backwards.
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no eye contact means he is lying, with both hands on his chest... what a shameless lyer