More like I didn't do anything and I regret it
I was on a vacation with my family and I saw this girl and I just feel for her. Why I do not know, all I know was that it was so wonderful to look at her. Ugh.. It is like I am a creepy stalker...
It was so wonderful, but in the end I was to shy and scared to talk with her and I so regret that. The worst part is that I am still just as shy and bad with people
Quite some time have passed so the regret isn't so bad anymore, I don't even remember how she looked. I just remember how wonderful and awful it felt
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Why's are you so shy?

Why? Well that's hard to say... well I guess it is in part because I am not used to dealing with people and I usually feel uncomfortable around people and being horrible at making small talk (which means I usually don't really have much if anything to say) and I am somewhat bad at understanding/reading people probably because I have autism/Asperger Syndrome

Ok but you are cute... Can you kiss?

Ehh no... after all I have never done it before

Maybe it wasn't meant to be.

Maybe so...
Sigh... I still remember it and the feelings... how wonderful it was... and how horrible it was...
But in the end I don't really remember the girl... Well then again I don't have much I can remember as I didn't talk with her

Ahem 😁

Okay then