or don't really regret. I'm not 100% sure.
Okay so how to start this... So I'm 17 and, without being narcissistic, consider myself to be attractive, my body developed quickly and I started with boyfriends and kissing and all that stuff earlier than my friends. And one day I met this really nice, hot, charming guy and I totally fell head-over-heels with him. Pros: listed above + excellent taste in music. Cons? : He's 26, my teacher and engaged to a French TA at my school. He was always really nice to me, he let me use his phone and comforted me after I broke up with my boyfriend. I jumped to conclusions. (or I didn't really, it's kind of confusing...) In order to I don't know, encourage him or whatever, I started wearing shorter skirts to his classes, push-up bras and more ummm, revealing tops. I got such a thrill every time I saw him glance down at my chest when he thought no-one was looking. Anyway, skip forward a few weeks to our school play ("He's involved in theatre as well as being an English teacher, swoon") I was prop managing and being a general busybody backstage when he comes up to me and tells me I need to back up costumes after the show. So I stayed behind and start packing up. And then he comes up behind me and literally grabs me and he looks furious. He started saying things like I'm jeopardising his career and his marriage etc... And me, pretending to be coy practically fluttered my eyelashes and asked "How?". He gets even more angry and grabs my boobs and talks about 'flaunting myself' and how could he resist if I was displaying myself so obviously. I started to protest, tried to push him off etc.. A rant followed, with added groping up my skirt, about how if I opened a door like this I was expected to walk through it, how hard it was for him to focus when I was 'practically spreading my legs for him right there, in his English classroom' (there were also various mentions of his fiancée and littered profanities directed at me of the '****' and '*****' variety) I don't know if I want him to want me anymore, and I don't know how I feel about destroying a marriage. I've done something that I think I should regret but I kind of don't? I'm just really confused...
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hey you guys need to chill a bit!! so you liked this guy, and led him on a bit and he overreacted. i think you should talk to him, and maybe he'll calm down. and anyways, you wouldn't be destroying a marriage, you'd just be having a bit of fun..
P.S Andypandy22 you clearly have a lot of sexual frustration, wanna take it out on me? ;) ;)

I dont agree with either of them. Youre young. He is a teacher! If he can't control himself around his students then he has NO buissness being a teacher at all!

Yeah HoneyBunny78 is right, if I were in his position (with a girl who is perfectly legal and responsible for her own actions!) I would have f/ucked you right there. When you act like such a c0cktease you have to be prepared to face the consequences. You don't even regret it do you, you little wh0re? I'd have facef/ucked that coyness out of your s1ut mouth and then raped your tight little @ss for being such a tease

wow u ****. u deserved what he did and much much worse. if u act like a ***** you're going to be treated like a *****. he was right when he said u practically spread ur legs for him, he should have raped u, u were totally asking for it.

you deserve to rot in hell for telling anyone that they should be raped. **** you you sexist *******.