I Feel So Bad

Ok so this girl who has been verbally abusing me through email really annoyed me today so I replied to end things. After sorting out 1 problem she mentioned that she had some horrible illness and didn't need sympathy vote I replied that I understand as going through the same and that she didn't know me and I have enough problems.

My problem is that I don't have the same illness as her (hers is much worse) and I am going through stages of eliminating what mine could be. I don't know why I wrote it as I ment it as yeah I'm going through a bad time and know how you feel not I am going through the same. Now I feel awful and think that when I get my results on friday they will come back to haunt me from what I said. But it's not like I can email her to say 'sorry I didn't mean it like that I ment this' as we are not friends and she hates me. It would be wierd but i feel so guilty.

Am I a bad person?

heatherlouise heatherlouise
1 Response Mar 3, 2010

So, if I am getting this right, she blames her inability to stop verbally abusing you on a mental illness? Being her own?
Time to agree to stay apart. To not communicate in any way. If she cannot discontinue, inform her you will go to authorities further up.
She is NOT a friend. You two are better off to part. Later if you see her in the street or at a store smile and say hello. *That's All*