Doesn't Everyone?

It's so weird. Whenever someone says they'll never do something, they're the first ones to end up doing exactly that. It's happened to me a few times too. =/ Why does that happen? -.-'
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Hehe, it's not that juicy. :P *whispers it out anyway* See? Told ya it wasn't worth gossiping about. xP<br />
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*agrees* People who go, "Omg! You did that?! I'll NEVER do that!" are the first ones who do it. =/

Oh, right! I forgot it had a name. >:P Curse Murphy's Law!!

aurora: Hmmmm...clever o_O

Oooh, that's good logic!

It happen cos of the law of attraction ''we attract exactly what we think and feel in the moment''.<br />
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And when we think about something that we dislike or we don't want ,that energy is so strong that will bring back exactly that what we don't want or we hate so boomerang .<br />
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I experienced so many times till i read book '' the secret'' and tried to modify my thoughts .<br />
And it works!!! Sometimes i say it is so late for this ''revelation'' :P ...but it is not cos knowing that most of the things in your life you can control it is amazing . But i'm still learning to shift my thoughts and if i did it (''chronically'' depressive) ,everyone can!

LOL. Good luck with that. ;)

I don't know why this happens but it happened to me too, several times. So lately I have been saying I would never keep the money if I won millions in the powerball. Never! I would be so disgusted with just the thought of having all that disgusting capitalistic greedy sick money to deal with I would literally have them give me CASH and then I would walk around and give it to all the homeless people. I wouldn't keep it, gross. Never would I keep a large amount of money ever. Sick that is just sick. ;)