Here's One Everybody Does

Here is one I would be willing to bet every parent on earth does. As a kid we ALL hated to hear the words 'BECAUSE I SAID SO". It was the worst. As kids whatever it was we wanted to do this was not an acceptable answer. We ALL said "When I am a parent I will NEVER say that". For most it just takes till our own kids are 2yrs old or less for us to say it.
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I purposely refused to say the thinks my mum said. Her little gems were easy to avoid:<br />
<br />
"Training you kids is like training a litter of puppies."<br />
"That's right kiddo, read it and weep."<br />
"I've got some cheese to go with that whine."<br />
<br />
And my all-time favorite: "If all your friends leap off the Golden Gate Bridge are you going to?"<br />
<br />
It was my favorite because I was one of those obnoxious contrarians who went against every single fad or pop thing that ever came up. I NEVER did what the other kids did, so she must have been darn glad most of them were doing drugs and extremely promiscuous!!!

Mom says 'I'll wash your mouth out with soap" Kid says.."Great I'll blow bubbles out my butt".....Mom says "I have tried to be both a mother &amp; a father to you"......Kid says "Good go F yourself"...HA!!! Sorry it was from a George Carlin routine back in the 70's. :-)


it's amazing how much we actually do become like our parents when we become parents ourselves. And Ashes I do understand where you're at because my son was exactly the same......good kid but never ever would shut up. lol they even threatened to kick him out of kindergarten because he wouldn't stop talking. But it's ok cause he now has 2 boys of his own just like him and i get to sit back and smile every time I see them together.

yes we are all guilty of it...the first time i said it to my daughter i thought great I have turned into my swore to not do it to my son. yeah never happened he heard it long before my daughter. she is now 15 going on 50 and there are days i wonder how she made it this far. she is a good kid just her mouth does not stop sometimes. my son 6 so he was very young the first time he heard that horrible sentence uttered from my lips yet

''Because I'm the Mommy, that's why.'' I heard that way too many times.... My entire childhood.... And it's too bad my mother is a horrible person, because I really don't like her. I will never utter her words ''Because I'm the Mommy''.... But I'll admit I've already let a handful of ''Because I said so's'' slip w my teenage stepsons. And my husband.

I always assumed that statement...BECAUSE I SAID SO.....was an automatic pass to go DO IT NOW. .. <br />
Hmmmmm. <br />
<br />
It ranked right up there with,..... YOU DO THAT AND YOU WILL END UP IN A DITCH SOME WHERE.......Now, where this famous ditch is?.... haven't a clue. ....... I guess it is a good thing I didn't have kids.<br />
<br />

The 'Because I said so' is the executive decision. It's the entitlement of every parent (we need these for our sanity!!!)<br />
<br />
It is the supreme veto power and there is NO argument against it.<br />
<br />
Maybe I need a few more of these!

You have a teenage daughter. I will pray for you...LOL Just kidding. I do remeber well my step daughters teen years. She was a pretty typical teenager. Never got in any real trouble but every once in a while she would do something that would cause me to go "What the hell were you thinking" <br />
<br />
The workings of the teen mid are AMAZING! Then I remember Oh yea I did that when I was 16 & I got busted by my parents too. Finally one day she asked...."How do you find out everything I do". I answered her because there is noting you can try to pull on me that I didn't try to pull on my parents too :-)

Enjoyed the movie.<br />
<br />
Oh, and I take the lazy man approach and just say "Because" and leave the rest implied.


I know my mum tried her hardest to never say it, I don't remember her ever saying it myself. Years later when my brother and I were adults he said to her... you know, I wish just once you'd said 'because I said so' those long explanations and reasons why were kinda boring. :)

You may be onto something there :-)

Hard as I try to avoid it...I'm guilty of it as well.<br />
<br />
Maybe it's one of those generational things that goes on till the end of the world or the human species. The cavemen probably grunted the same thing.