Never Have Sex Without A Condom...

I was one of those girls who slagged off other girls for having sex without a condom.
I thought they were stupid, and were just going to end up pregnant and blaming the man for not using one.
I knew it was their fault just as much as his.
I wondered why they did it, because the potential consequences would not be worth it.

That was until I first had sex without a condom...
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Oh, yeap, been there, and not only at 25, but at 40 too... shame on me.

Never had sex without a condom until I got married. (my wife is on Bc) Now, I would rather ********** with sandpaper than put on another condom.

Dare to much better

Your passion for having unprotected sex is shared by many people. The reason for it will differ from person to person. To some it is the thrill of flirting with danger while others love the feeling of *** inside them.

I have also been invovled with one or two woman who got extrmely aroused by having more than one guy's seed inside them.

It can be dangerous with more than one partner. I personally get turned on by knowing that the woman is standing next to me with it slowly oozing out of her. Preferably without her wearing panties.

For me.. Sex without a condom with a married woman = 14 y/o daughter!

I hate condom but I will use them I wouldn't get caught bare without one.

I love sex without a condom it feels better I have had a lot of girls that I have had sex with and did not use a condom some where on the pill or the shot I have pulled out with some. A few I *** in and had to worry about them being pregnant. Now I have had a vasectomy I don't have to worry about getting some girl pregnant.

Yes sex without a condom is very addictive. I can still remember tegu first time I did it. It was by accident to be honest. The foreplay was too intense and before I knew it I was deep inside her. Needless to say the feeling was overwhelming and when I felt my ****** approaching she locked her legs around me and I involuntarily let it go. Once I experienced that feeling I was addicted to it and had unprotected sex with as many women as I could. I knew it was Russian Roulette but I just couldn't stop, it felt way too good. I'm just thankful I never had any STDs. There's no telling how many got pregnant if any.

Sorry about the spelling, new keyboard is giving me headaches.

I did know that people used condoms for birth control anymore, they have major problems in preventing pregnancey--less than 75% effective. I really thought people used condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STD's). There is no cure for herpes and if you should have herpes and get pregnant the baby is at risk. Also, HIV still kills.

I had sex without a condom regularly with my boyfriend. We were together for a years so I obviously trusted him and such. It feels so much better without one; once we tried it we just never even bothered with them again. I did take birth control however

i like it bare .,......

I'm glad I'm married, my wife had her tubes tied many years ago & is post menopause anyway. Now I don't have to worry about

As long as you know the partner...probably ok.

Certainly is addictive.

Nothing beats sex without "obstructions"... And I think you're smart enough to think about pills ("the" and morning-after)...

Plus, for a woman sometimes the idea of the risk to get pregnant is a bit of a rush too...

would love to ride you bareback. how does that sound?

I dnt like any obstruction i wana fee a warm larg hard rod bare in ma love box deep awww

Condoms are awful. It's been more than a decade since I used one, but they were just terrible. They kill some of the sensation and having to deal with them afterward is just pure pain in the ***.

That said, they are pretty much the only method that will protect you from an STD. The drawbacks suck, but a life-long disease like herpes or a life-threatening disease like HIV are much worse.

sometimes you just can't say no or your too turned on to stop.

Yep, going bare does feel pretty d@mn good!

I agree with SabrinaNYC.

It's one thing to go without when you are in a steady relationship... quite another to have unprotected sex with men you don't know all that well.

ive not worn 1 for many years, but i did ask my wife why she prefers it without and she likened it to a drug, when you first get that feeling of the *** squirting up deep inside you.. nothing else will ever quite feel the same again lol