I Can't Belive I Did

I dated a younger guy once... But only by a year. Still, I said I wouldn't. 

I just gave him a chance because he was sweet, but like every guy under 35 I know, he wasn't man enough for me. There was no physical attraction. He had no sexy laugh lines, no gorgeous bits of silver in his hair, and he lacked that manly little paunch in his belly that is such a turn on for me when worn by an average 40 year old DILF.

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You know..I am a drummer i a rock band. So on rare occassions I will have a MUCH younger woman come onto me at a show. But to be honest it kind of weirds me out. Some are younger than my step daughter so I dont think I could get past that image in my head.<br />
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Dont get me wrong it is flattering as hell & I have NO problem with people of different ages dating. It is just a personal taste thing. I am just attracted more to women within 10years of my age. Besides at closer to my age age they tend to be more self confident & have developed uhhhhh..lets just say skills over the years..HA!!! Yes I know there are exceptions...lol

I was going to say... Yes, I am an exception... To each their own!

I couldn't agree more. There's something that just never changes: no matter how old the woman is, the man needs to be quite a bit older... just seems the way. I don't diss the cougars who make it work with younger men...

It seems that way... The whole cougar thing makes me uncomfortable some, but to each their own...

Stuck in CO.

Well said! I am a 42 y/o man, and we appreciate younger women that appreciate us. Ever in the boston area :-)