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I Fell In Love

with someone other then my husband. And that was something I never ever thought I would do. In fact, I was one of those women who judged others for doing that by saying "how could they?? What kind of person must they be to do something like that??"

and now I know.
FinallyInLove FinallyInLove 31-35 4 Responses Oct 1, 2011

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I still stand by a lot of things I said my comment, but - i am still in love and even more so... It's hard to explain. <br />
<br />
There was a moment where I didn't hear from him for a lot longer then usual, and it was after a horrible conversation we had - I assumed that he was through with me. That's when I wrote that comment....<br />
<br />
But I was, gratefully, wrong. There were multiple issues going on, on his end, and he sure got an ear-full from me regarding COMMUNICATION. There have been a few things to come out regarding his "limiting" of himself and i think it's been a huge relief on both our sides.<br />
<br />
and... I'm learning I have to stop jumping to conclusions and acting so quickly. But... do you know how good it is to feel like the direction you are taking - you would take regardless if you had to do it alone or if you had that companion? All in all, it gave me an opportunity to stand back and take a breath and "wake-up" so to speak. <br />
<br />
Hell yah I'm afraid of being alone, aren't we all? And being in a relationship now is no guarantee it'll still be there once the divorce is final; although, I hope with all my heart that we can grow old together :) I honestly wasn't expecting our relationship to get better, but it has. ;)<br />
<br />
One thing to be said for long distance relationships - you have to communicate, be honest, trust each other, and don't react too quickly when you don't know all the facts *sigh*

well, how much of an affair can you have when it's long distance? :( and because of the distance, he's limited himself and I see now that he has always, in regards his feelings towards me. But that's ok. I loved him and I loved him good. He will never forget that. And now I know that kind of love is inside me and possible. I had been mourning the loss of that since I married H. I believed for almost 11 years that maybe I was never capable of that. That this was as good as it was going to get. He opened my eyes, opened my heart and I discovered myself with him. And so I will always be thankful for that, despite the pain I feel in not having him....

Hi! How does your story go on? Did you ignore the feelings for the other guy? Did they go away? Did you have an affair?

I guess that you are not so quick to judge now ;-) I hope it was good for you....but it must have been if you fell in love.