I Trusted The Wrong Man ... Again

Actually. I did a few things I said I would never do.  They were also all done at the same time!  LOL  When I do something, anything ... I do it with passion.  The only way I know how to do things.

1)  I fell into an "Internet Romance"  2)  I Jumped Without a Parachute, way out of my comfort zone  3)  I Trusted A Man Even When I Had Proof He Wasn't Who I Thought He Was

Briefly ...  I made a fool of myself!  I know it, he knows it, his girl friend knows it.  Now .... you know it too!  In all fairness, no promises were made on either side.  The part that truly hurts is I even suspected it was more than he said but... I wanted to believe him, so I did!  His life was in turmoil, I understood and waited.  His lies were mainly of omission.  What he should have been telling me ... he told her.  When I expressed confusion and hurt, he expressed anger and told me he had someone else/  Someone with a soft voice, who was there for him when two relationships ended (my heart says three).  So it is over.

However I am not giving up!  My life is moving on.  I have people in my life who love me, for who I am.  I am stronger for  this experience.  In future I will put a higher value on myself.  I will listen to my own "still, quiet, voice", it will not steer me wrong.  I hear it whispering to me that I wasn't wrong.  I had found my soul mate ... he was not brave or trusting enough to take that leap with me.  Yes, I still believe in soul mates, they come in many forms, they also have thoughts of their own, their own idea of their destiny.  I accept that.  We will meet again.  However .... moving on.  There are many souls on this earth, some with the potential to be mine .... I will recognize him.... 
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1 Response Oct 3, 2011

Thats right you are a special person and don't you forget it. I'm glad you didn't get totally blindsided. He's out there and you will never be truly lonely. He will come. I know mine will too. Wish I was there to clink a glass with you. You're a gem that just is waiting to be found. If only he knew what he missed. Keep your chin up.

You are such a sweet friend! Thank you. I know we will both find our Heart's Desire. When we least expect it, he will be there, he could be hovering, even now! LOL Cheers! (taking a sip from her fine cyber wine)